giovenzana intl.    italy


Giovenzana is leader in lifts maintenance for the plant construction or refurbishment  which is consider as reference point for Safety solution . 

We are proudly make service and support to all industrial factories all over the territory region .  

HBC values : 
Reliable guidance

for 70 years 

First class quality from own production with continuity 

and ​always innovation  


Official Partner of

HBC Radiomatic Germany

IBT interbiotech Switzerland

Giovenzana Int. Italy   

hbc radiomatic germany   ,   iMEX / HBC GCC 



HBC Radiomatic in Germany was established 70 years ago and is the leading company in manufacturing and producing wireless remote control system for all Industrial Applications which is laid the groundwork for our success story.

IMEX in UAE was established in 2006 which is act as official Branch of HBC Germany and supply all the German products in all around UAE , GCC & Saudi Arabia , Eqypt   

ibt interbiotech switzerland

IBT InterBioTech is specializing in producing unique raw materials and research on food science and technology for large food enterprises.